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with Sandra Hewitt

VA Contracted

Sandy has a gift and I am so thankful that she is contracted with the VA.
My daily pain has lessened and the lymph massages she gives has helped decrease the edema in my legs.
Massage is for more than just a pamper day, it really is for self care and pain management.
Highly recommend!
Shawna B.

 Owned and operated by licensed and VA contracted massage therapist, Sandra Hewitt.

Healingn Massage is a hidden gem in Chetek, Wisconsin.

Owner Sandra Hewitt, dressed in black, standing in front of the new location for Healingn Massage in Chetek, WI.

Don’t wait. Get on Sandy’s books before she’s booked solid!

I have chronic pain ( stage #4 kidney disease). I’ve been getting 5-10 spinal injections every 4-6 weeks for the past 8 years. Injections just don’t last long.

Because of her, I haven’t had an injection in almost 3 months!
I’m not saying she works miracles …oh, wait…yes I am!!!
If you’re in pain, please do yourself a huge favor. Message Sandy, set up an appointment , and get a massage. I promise you’ll be glad you did!
Connie S.

A well lit room with a massage table covered in linens with a soft blue glow coming from underneath the table.

Massage is more than just a spa day.

It is self care in the truest form when you’re under Sandy’s care.

She believes that each person that walks through her doors deserves to be seen and heard; their pain points managed, and that they should leave feeling better than when they arrived.

Sandy accomplishes this by combining different elements throughout the massage process.

Hot stone massage, lymph massage, tissue massage, cranio-sacral release, warmed rice packs, moist heat, aromatics and essential oils, a relaxing environment, an adjustable massage table, use of range of motion and assisted stretching, and so much more.

Are you looking for a massage therapist that truly cares and is sensitive to what YOUR needs are?

Do you have health issues causing you to retain water in your legs (a lymph massage is GREAT for this, by the way)?

Do you find yourself saying, “I could really use a massage…

Then what are you waiting for? Use the SCHEDULE tab and book your 60 or 90 minute massage before space runs out!

Are you a current patient of Sandy’s and need to check when your next appointment is? Click on the “patient portal” tab and sign in.

You can also sign in using the button below.

Are you a Veteran in need of pain management?

Ask your PCP for a referral through community care.

Check back often for updates!

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