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Massage Services

Craniosacral Massage

The gentlest of the massage techniques used at Healingn Massage. It involves gentle pressure on the head and neck to help release tension in these areas.

Studies have shown that craniosacral massage may help with headaches, neck and back pain as well as improving anxiety and depression.

Hot Stone Massage

Used on conjunction with other massage techniques to help soothe and relax tired muscles.

Smooth river rocks that have been heated up in a hot water bath. The heat from the stones can help increase blood flow and provide some mild pain relief.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Also known as manual lymphatic drainage. Is used to gently relieve swelling that may happen from medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system.

It is a gentle massage that has been shown to provide relief to those with chronic illness and cancer patients.

Tissue Massage

The typical technique associated with massages. More pressure is used, trigger points identified, with muscles worked to release tension.

Earthlite Electric Massage Table

Sandy has a passion for helping people feel better. She knows that many of her clients have some difficulty with mobility. To make her clients comfortable and provide them with the best service possible, she invested in this amazing electric massage table.

With a heating cabinet for warming rice packs and towels; sections that elevate to help reduce pressure points on the back and legs; the earthlite massage table certainly adds to the healing benefits of a massage from Sandy.

During your massage, Sandy uses a variety of essential oils and lotions. Her favorites are the scents of eucalyptus, lavendar, and peppermint. Each has their own healing and soothing benefits. 

Take your care into your hands, by trusting Sandy with hers. Schedule your massage today and begin the journey towards feeling better and living your best life.

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